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General questions

1. What are Multiburo workspaces opening hours?

Multiburo workspaces welcome you from 9 until 6 pm Monday to Friday. Some Multiburo workspaces open at 8h30 in the morning, until 7pm (reception and meeting room organization accompaniment). For the exact hours, please go to the corresponding Multiburo workspace on our website. Discover all our addresses here. Did you know? If you are an office or coworking customer, you have the possibility to access your workspace outside opening hours. Please contact your Multiburo workspace team for more information.

2. Is there a Multiburo team onsite to manage workspaces?

Welcoming and professional teams are among Multiburo’s biggest strengths. Onsite, they are here to accompany you in your day-to-day use of workspaces and ease your professional life. Our teams are dedicated to workspace and equipment maintenance, visitor reception, phone and mail management, event management for coworkers and on-site customers…. Need more information, a break, an administrative assistance or IT support? Our teams are at your disposal to make you live the best work experience possible.

3. Are Multiburo workspace accesses secured?

Yes, all our Multiburo workspaces benefit from a secured access with a badge or an access code. During opening hours, our teams are present on site to control the entrance. Outside opening hours, workspaces are equipped with an alarm system and for some, with video surveillance.

4. Is it possible to access Multiburo workspaces outside opening hours?

Yes, it is possible to access Multiburo workspaces outside opening hours. All our workspaces are secured with an alarm system and for some, with a video surveillance. To access workspaces outside opening hours, you must handle a badge or a secured access code. Access to workspaces outside opening hours is exclusively for office and coworking clients. To discover more about modalities, we invite you to contact our Multiburo team onsite in the workspace of your choice.

5. What services are offered inside Multiburo workspaces?

Our services are part of Multiburo’s DNA. Our teams on site are daily at your disposal in order to facilitate your professional life: mail and parcel management, phone call permanence, personalized reception and phonecalls, administrative assistance, hotline IT support, conciergerie, events and animations…..They make sure that you can focus on your business every day while enjoying professional convivial moments. Our teams are also here to accompany you in your workspace use, personalization, and evolution. They can also offer advice on solutions best adapted to your organization and needs.

6. Are the parking solutions near Multiburo workspaces ?

All our Multiburo workspaces are hyper accessible, located in city centers, business areas and TGV stations. Many car park (public or private) are located around our addresses. Some Multiburo workspaces benefit from private parking, for Multiburo customers, located at the foot of the building or underneath. Some Multiburo workspaces also offer bicycle parking. All our addresses are centrally located and easily accessible by public transport. To discover more about our parking solutions, we invite you to contact our onsite teams. Discover all our addresses here.

7. Is it possible to have lunch in Multiburo workspaces?

Welcome to the Café Central! Each Multiburo has its own privileged space named “Café Central” for your breaks, breakfasts, lunches and exchange or convivial moments. You will find all the necessary equipment to lunch convivially and spend a joyful moment: tables, chairs, water spot, microwave, dishes, mugs, coffee machine, dish washer and refrigerator. Also ideal for coffee or tea breaks, or a relaxing moment!

8. Do Multiburo teams organize events and professional meetings?

Yes absolutely! Our teams on site regularly organize animations and networking events so our customers can meet and exchange. Our happiness officers are there to encourage coworkers to meet and discuss. Conferences and workshops are also offered on various business and entrepreneurship themes, on site or online. Each year in September, Multiburo organizes the Smile@work Week : a week dedicated to well-being and work life quality. Through webinars, and workshops and on-site animations, the objective is to discover oneself better and adopt best practices to ameliorate your professional daily life. We’ll be happy to welcome you!

9. Is it possible to go work in any of the Multiburo network?

Yes, it is one of the many advantages of Multiburo workspaces: you can go work wherever you want, when you need it. For your professional transports, your meetings, trainings, to work in stations or between two trains or 23 addresses in France, Belgium and Switzerland welcome you and can offer a pleasant spot to work wherever you are. Opt for unlimited coworking! As an office or coworking customer, you will have access to all our coworking spots whenever needed.

10. Are Multiburo workspaces accessible to people with a disability?

Some of Multiburo workspaces, are categorized ERP, in conformity with PMR attestation. Other Multiburo workspaces, non-ERP are also accessible. However, some buildings due to their architecture and constraints related to the building, don’t have any access ramp. To discover the localization of a Multiburo workspace, we invite you to join our teams on site. Discover all our addresses here.

11. Do all Multiburo workspaces have a high debit Wifi connexion ?

All Multiburo workspaces have a high debit Wifi connexion with optical fiber. It is Plug&Work ! Our IT team guarantees that an optimal connexion ensure hotline support in case of need and offer services such as access to a dedicated network, a bandwidth increase, an additional IP address etc…To know more, please click here or contact our advisors by phone from Monday until Friday 9h til 6pm (France : +33 (0)1 72 92 06 60 | Belgium : +32 (0)2 403 11 09 | Switzerland : +41 (0) 22 561 84 84).

12. Are animals accepted in Multiburo workspaces?

We are sorry, our four legged friends are not yet accepted in our workspaces.

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